Sign up for Baby Rewards Programs for More Freebies

Just like store loyalty programs, you can find a number of baby brands that offer freebies and rewards. Here are a few popular ones.

1. Free Pampers Products

Many mothers — especially first-time moms — are eager to get their hands on any baby-related material.

Add a free monthly subscription of American Baby to your reading list. Sign up online and get parenting and pregnancy tips shipped right to your door. 

The best part about this offer is it’s completely free — no shipping fees or obligations to purchase.

2. Free Seventh Generation Products

You might be familiar with Seventh Generation. It’s a household product brand that prides itself on selling healthy and environmentally-friendly supplies.

When you join its Generation Good program, you’ll gain access to a community of parents. In addition to exchanging tips and advice, you’ll also get to try out new products — for free.

3. Free Huggies Gift Cards

Download the Huggies Rewards app, and earn points when you take surveys, share products, read articles and purchase Huggies products. Exchange points for discounts on Huggies diapers and wipes, free gift cards or diaper donations.

4. Free Goodies from Similac

Similac, the baby formula brand, offers up to $400 worth of goodies when sign up for its StrongMoms program. Plus, you’ll gain access to coupons and discounts.