@RetailMeNot: Check for Eligible Coupons

In some ways, shopping online is similar to shopping at your local market. Many e-tailers offer discount coupons for specific items or for services like free freight. Instead of clipping coupons from your local newspaper, though, you sometimes have to go on a bargain hunt for the best online coupons, especially if the e-tailer involved is coy about displaying its coupons prominently. To share the bounty, coupon sites like RetailMeNotCouponCabin and CouponMom gather coupons from around the Internet and consolidate them in one easy to search location. Some coupon sites may require that you sign up for a membership, but the service is typically free of charge. These days, getting the best bargain on goods and services may involve stacking coupons with site specific rewards and other strategies. Coupon sites make locating eligible coupons pretty painless, so be sure to make them part of your online purchasing strategy by checking for coupons before you fill your virtual shopping cart and head for the checkout.