Let Companies Send You Free Baby Clothes and Gear

You’d be surprised to know many companies will give away free baby stuff. Why? They want you to become a loyal customer. For now, you can just take advantage of the free goods.

1. Free Baby Leggings

They’re almost like yoga pants for babies. Head over to the Baby Leggings site and throw a pair in your cart.

2. Free Baby Shoes

Little Wanderers, an independent retailer, stocks some adorable footgear — and you can snag a pair for free. Each pair is valued at $29.95. Choose from some fringe boots or a pair of high-top sneaks. The site even has some miniature snow boots with fur.

3. Free Baby Onesies

Your baby is unique, so let them dress the part. With Custom Snappies, you can get two free baby onesies that you design yourself. Sizes range from 0 to 18 months. You’ll pay shipping and handling.

4. Free Pacifiers

Pacifiers are everything. Not only do they hush your sweet babe up when you need it most, they’re also the perfect accessory — if you get a cute one. And a free one. Check out Custom Pacifiers, a website that lets you customize your binky. You can opt for the “Ride or Cry” paci. Or go for the “Wild Thing” cheetah print one. There are trains, cats, footballs and even Darth Vader.

5. Free Carseat Canopy

Want to keep your baby covered while you’re running errands? Carseat Canopy is giving away canopies, and there are a ton of cool patterns to choose from.

6. Free Baby Box

Join Baby Box University, which offers free online courses for new parents and rewards you with freebies for completing them — like a baby box, an affordable alternative to cribs or cradles. It’s the perfect little place for your baby to get some shut eye.