Cirque du Soleil, VOLTA (Show, Review): Tipstor® Pick

Summary: Volta is a touring circus show by the Cirque du Soleil. It is based on extreme sports; the principal character is a game-show contestant named Waz. It is the company’s 41st production since 1984, and its 18th show presented under the Big Top. 

Director of Creation: Jean Guibert

Writer and Director: Bastien Alexandre

Set Design: Bruce Rodgers

Composer: M83

Acrobatic Performance Designer: Philippe Aubertin; Rob Bollinger

Acrobatic Equipment and Rigging Designer: Jaque Paquin



The show takes audiences on a voyage of discovery that showcases some never-seen-before acts under the Big Top. The performance theme of VOLTA centers around BMX and Street Sports. Whether it’s biking, roller skating, hopping around from rooftop to rooftop or jump roping – the performers take relatively normal activities and elevate them to a truly incredible level as they defy convention. The set design even includes a full-Blow BMX park mounted on the stage, and the performers take full advantage of it performing a series of fast and furious, nonstop acrobatics on two wheels. They make it look so simple and follow through one moment to the next with nothing but grace and ease. The story that fills the core of this show is one of transformation and self-discovery – the importance of being true to oneself and recognizing one’s own power to make their dreams a reality. It’s such a beautiful message that needs to fill more of the entertainment we consume – that ultimate freedom comes with self-acceptance. The music is probably among my favorite soundtracks of Cirques. It has an epic and urban vibe that fills the show, complimenting the performances perfectly.


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