Challenges of Movie Distribution Pre-sales

Many independent films nowadays are already pre-sold by the time they have the actual festival premiere. Distributors are becoming more inclined to acquire movies at the script stage, because the competition for independent films is so fierce. This can be attributed to an increasing number of new players and platforms in the market – Netflix, Amazon Studios, Bleecker Street, and A24 – as well as the studios themselves. Distributors from New Regency to Sony to Paramount have been seen fiercely competing for high quality independent films. 

The advent of digital distribution has created a more crowded marketplace. There are far more outlets for distribution nowadays than there have ever been. But the outlets are all different. This makes the indie film business for filmmakers much more complex than ever. It makes the process of figuring out how to get movies financed and released more challenging than it used to be.

Now more than ever, it makes good sense for filmmakers to consult with a sales agent who understands the nuances of international pre-sales and/or an international motion picture licensing attorney to help guide them through the process of raising financing through pre-sale deals.