Ricky Gervais Wants Etsy to Stop Selling Fur

Celebrities are speaking out in support of the campaign by Animal Defenders International (ADI) to stop the suffering of animals bred, trapped, and killed for their fur.

Etsy is one of the few major companies without a fur free policy in place, and ADI is urging the online marketplace to step away from the cruel fur trade and banish real fur sales from its global site.

Ricky Gervais: “When you buy real fur, you’re basically saying ’I’m okay with defenseless animals being trapped in the wild or kept in hideous conditions and then killed.’ But it’s not okay. It’s disgusting and unnecessary. Please don’t buy real fur.”

Joaquin Phoenix: “From the moment they are born until their deaths, animals farmed for their fur suffer. There’s no excuse for this cruelty, so please choose compassion and together let’s end this terrible trade.”

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