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Deals @Walmart: Use a Cash-Back App

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Deals @Home Depot: Work the Low-Price Guarantee

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Sign up for Baby Rewards Programs for More Freebies

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Deals @Amazon: Add Family Members to Your Account

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Deals @Target: Read Your Receipt

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Bootstrapping: 4 Food Apps That Save You Money

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21 Grocery Stores Offering Gas Rewards

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Deals @Target: Do Some Comparison-Shopping

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Deals @T.J.Maxx: Sign Up for the Free Rewards Program for Chances to Win $100 Gift Cards

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Deals @CVS: Never Shop When Desperate

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Deals @Amazon: Save with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

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Deals @Target: Create a Registry

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4 Apps That Save You Money

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Deals @Target: Don’t Forget Manufacturer Coupons

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Deals @Target: Score Coupons

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@RetailMeNot: Check for Eligible Coupons

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7 Tips To Buy A Mattress

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Check Instagram for Coupons and Freebies

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5 Reasons To Check The Krazy Coupon Lady Before Shopping

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3 Couponing Strategies That Save Time and Money

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Find Free Baby Stuff Locally

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New York City Residents Get Free Entry to 33 Museums

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Deals @Amazon: Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards or Buy Discounted Gift Cards

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Deals @Target: Stack Cartwheel Savings With Your Target REDcard & Other Coupons

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100 Places That Will Give You Free Stuff on Your Birthday

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4 Tips To Spend Less On Gas

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Let Companies Send You Free Baby Clothes and Gear

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Costco Gives $145 in Freebies

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Free Baby Supply Samples: Diapers, Formula

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11 Couponing Myths About Saving Money