Extra Cash: Find Out if Amazon Owes You $5

Find out If Amazon Owes You

You might’ve heard of Paribus.

The free tool tracks your online purchases from more than 25 merchants. When it detects a price drop, it’ll work with the retailer’s price-match policy to help get you the difference. When it detects an Amazon guaranteed shipment is late? It’ll work with Amazon to compensate you.

But what if you got free shipping as a Prime member? We’ve spoken with several shoppers who’ve gotten a free month of Prime as compensation, but you’ll most likely receive a $5 credit.

Here’s how to make sure you get compensated for late shipments:

  • Sign up with Paribus. All you need is your email address.
  • Let Paribus do its thing, passively tracking your orders.
  • If it detects a late guaranteed shipment, it’ll work with Amazon to get you compensated.

Happy free shipping, Amazon Prime members!