Tipstor helps your business be seen by consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. How many consumers? The Tipstor network provides exposure to potentially millions of unique visitors every month, with plans to expand into International markets very soon.

Q: Why advertise with Tipstor?

A: The goal of Tipstor is to support an ever-increasing, loyal user base, which local and national advertisers can tap into and by being a low cost lead generator. To achieve this goal, Tipstor will:

  • Be the premier consumer and user destination of choice for finding businesses, gigs, deals, coupons and services locally, nationally and worldwide on the Web.
  • Develop and design functionality, content and platforms to support an unsurpassed user experience.
  • Leverage the traffic associated with the best user experience to provide maximum value to advertisers.


Tipstor continues to attract new users daily. We have identified ways to make our site even better and more attractive not just to today’s users but also for the consumers and users of tomorrow.

Q: What are the key benefits for users?

A: The key benefits that users notice are:

  • A streamlined, user friendly, easy navigation design.
  • Tools that allow users to refine and sort search results faster to find the information that they need.
  • Search options that bring specified listings to the top of the search results.


The site will continue to evolve and change to deliver a positive user experience and adapt to changes in our audience and technology.

Q: What are the key changes and benefits for Advertisers?

A: The key benefits for Advertisers are

  • More Users.
  • More Connections.
  • More Conversions.
  • Targeted Advertising for Any Size Business.
  • More Value for Advertisers.


All Advertising Inquires:

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We will add more information to this section in the future, so please check back or read more details in our newsletter about Tipstor features and how they benefit you, your business and your customers.

Thank you for your interest in Tipstor!

— The Tipstor Team