5 Companies That Give All Year Long

1. Tom’s

Tom’s is probably the most well-known for integrating giving into its business model. The shoe company operates under what they call the “One for One” model. It started out by giving one pair of shoes away to someone in need for every pair of shoes sold. The company now does this with sunglasses by giving money toward sight-saving surgeries and eyeglasses for every pair of sunglasses sold, money towards the training of birth attendants for every bag sold, and the giving does not stop there.

2. Wildings Yoga Mats

Wildings Yoga Mats has built its product around art, nature, and health. A portion of all of their products sold support different charities and organizations. The charities vary from local to global, and they support unique causes. For instance, a yoga mat may have a national park printed on it and a portion of the proceeds will go to maintaining the park, or to a local arts initiative in that area.

3. Yoobi

Yoobi sells school and art supplies for school children. For every supply purchased from them they will give the exact same amount of supplies to children and schools in need throughout the United States. Yoobi has successfully supplied more than 1 million children in the U.S. with school supplies.

4. Twice as Warm 

Twice as Warm’s business model is similar to Tom’s. However, the company currently only gives within the United States and donates clothes for cold weather. For every hat, glove, and scarf sold, they will give one away to someone in need of warm clothing in the United States. Many people throughout the U.S. go cold every winter and Twice as Warm is out to end this by giving warmth, one purchase at a time.

5. Better World Books

Better World Books is partnered with Feed the Children and Books for Africa. They support increasing literacy worldwide and for every book purchase through them, they will donate one to someone in need. They get most of their donations from community college and schoolbook drives, public and academic libraries, and they allow for people to upload books that they have written.  When they have more copies than they can sell, they will donate the books to their partner organizations.