4 Tips To Spend Less On Gas

AAA has helpful tips for drivers to save money in its recently released Gas Watcher’s Guide. Here are a few nuggets of advice from the 12-page brochure:

  1. Before You Go: Plan out trips ahead of time to consolidate how often you’ll need to drive. For example, you’ll save on fuel if you go to a shopping center where you can run all your errands in one stop instead of taking multiple trips throughout the week.
  2. On the Road: Maintain steady, moderate speeds to get the best fuel economy. Try to not accelerate quickly or stop suddenly.
  3. At the Pump: Bypass mid-grade and premium fuel and fill up with regular grade unless your car’s engine specifically requires higher-grade fuel.
  4. Maintenance Reminder: Keep your tires inflated at optimum pressure levels as underinflated tires can reduce fuel economy — and create a safety hazard. Check the driver’s side door jamb for information on the correct tire pressure for your vehicle.

Download the entire guide as a PDF for more tips on saving money on transportation costs. Free gas-price apps like GasBuddy will help you find the cheapest gas in town to also keep your