Tips For Screenplay Writers

What You Need to Know Before You Submit Your Work

1. Honing Your Craft

It’s tough sharing work that you’ve spent countless hours on, especially if it’s your first time. Receiving feedback on your pride and joy is one of the most difficult things about the creative process. But the sharing part is just as important as the writing part.

If you want to work on your own craft certainly join a local writing group, exchange work with friends, help critique other writers.

There are plenty of opportunities to share your work, including Facebook groups.

It doesn’t help a writer at all to keep everything to themselves or close to their chest. You gain so much more sharing with other writers and helping other writers.

Yes, putting yourself out there is a huge part of creative writing, but thankfully it’s not the only part. There’s another secret to becoming an accomplished creative writer, something you can start doing right now that doesn’t require interacting with another human being: Read. You really can’t read enough.

2. Managing Expectations

Be prepared to submit. A lot.

Some submissions won’t ever get read. Some might take months for a response. But the vast majority will — gasp — be rejected. Rejection is another crucial part of the creative writing process. It happens to everyone.

Rejections can be hard, but in most cases they’re brief and kind of canned. Rejection never means failure. A rejection isn’t a dismissal of your work; it’s always an opportunity to make your work better.