2 Tips Using Snapchat for a Small Business

Does your small business’s target audience align with Snapchat’s user demographic?

1. Your target audience

Snapchat’s demographic is users ages 16 to 24, but I predict this age range will drastically shift to 18 to 40 as more people migrate from Instagram to Snapchat over the next 12 months. Snapchat already has more than 24 million adults using the social network.

If your target audience falls within the former span, then you’re right on time to take advantage of the social network before it gets overcrowded with your competitors. If it falls within the latter, you should still take advantage of Snapchat, but with a planned, more gradual rollout.

Your main focus should be on learning from other brands while getting your team familiar with the channel. This could be an upside for your business as you have more time to plan a strategic approach to using Snapchat to engage with your established customer base and attracting new customers.

2. Real-time readiness

Do you want your small business to engage with your customers in a new, interactive and fun way? You’ve already mastered Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others; now it’s time to experiment with Snapchat.

One of the earliest adopters of this channel was 16 Handles, the first brand to create and execute a marketing campaign using Snapchat.

Its “Snappy New Year” campaign urges the company’s Facebook fans to send a Snapchat photo of themselves or friends at their stores to the company’s Snapchat. In return, participants got a coupon for anywhere from 16 percent to 100 percent off a purchase. They had to use Snapchat to access and redeem the coupon while at the register.

This promotion kept fans actively engaged with 16 Handles, and it gave customers an incentive to visit again and spend more money. As an early adopter, 16 Handles did it right. Imagine the possibilities of what your business can accomplish using Snapchat now.