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7 Literary Magazines That Pay For Creative Writing

7 Literary Magazines That Pay For Creative Writing


Submission guidelines are also extremely important to follow. Each publication is slightly different.Hopkinson said there are enough reasons to get rejected as it is.

1. Catapult

Description: Catapult is an independent print and online publication. Its website offers a host of resources for emerging writers, including creative writing classes and workshops. 

Accepting: Primarily narrative nonfiction — lyric essays, personal essays and reportage (500-6,000 words).

How to submit: Via Submittable or email

Website: https://catapult.co/

2. The Deaf Poet’s Society

Description: The Deaf Poet’s Society is an online journal that highly encourages deaf, disabled and chronically ill writers and artists to submit their work. The journal publishes nearly all forms of creative writing as well as visual art. For a suggested donation of $10, editors will give tailored feedback on submissions, too. In-person workshops and community programs are available in Pittsburgh, Washington D.C. and New York.  

Accepting: Poetry, prose, reviews and visual arts.

How to submit: Via email

Website: https://www.deafpoetssociety.com/

3. Isacoustic

Description: Isacoustic is a new experimental poetry journal that publishes first online then aggregates the poems into a quarterly print publication. It’s notable for an extremely fast response time, typically within seven days of submission. Pro-tip: An interview with the founder shows a heavy preference for poems that are abstract and image-heavy.

Accepting: Poetry

How to submit: Via email

Website: https://isacoustic.com/

4. Kahini Magazine

Description: Kahini is an international magazine published 11 times per year to email subscribers. Though based in Hawaii, its name is derived from a Bengali word meaning “tale.” The publication offers several monthly virtual workshops and lectures. It is part of the Literature Africa Foundation and Writing Our World, which provides educational services to youth in East Africa.

Accepting: Poetry, prose and cross-genre writing.

How to submit: Via email

Website: http://www.kahini.org/

5. Poetry Nook

Description:  An online hub of poetry news and discussion, Poetry Nook is an excellent resource for budding and veteran writers alike. Though not a magazine per se, it does offer a weekly poetry contest with deadlines every Sunday. Contests are for members only, but making an account on its website is completely free.

Accepting: Poetry

How to submit: Create an account to submit to an active weekly contest.

Website: https://www.poetrynook.com/

6. Serial

Description: Serial dubs itself a “pulp fiction” magazine. New to the market, it’s looking for genre fiction submissions for its inaugural print issue due January 2019. From there, Serial plans to publish every other week.

Accepting: Any and all genre fiction (500 to 10,000 words).

How to submit: Via email

Website: https://www.serialpulp.com/

7. Zizzle

Description: Also new to the market, Zizzle will publish hardback issues starting this fall. With a mission to spark lifelong passion for reading, Zizzle is primarily focused on fiction for young adults.

Accepting: Young adult fiction (500 to 1,200 words).

How to submit: Directly through the website

Website: https://www.zizzlelit.com.